Certificat Professionnel  Customer Consulting and Support de Akamai

Certificat Professionnel Customer Consulting and Support de Akamai

Start Your Career in Customer Consulting & Support. Learn how to engage with customers and bridge the gap between technical and business requirements.

Ce que vous apprendrez

  • Basic understanding of Linux and OS management using shell commands. Practical experience working with key networking technology.
  • Learn network theory & implement networking tech like TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, application layer protocols like HTTP(S), VLANs, routing & wireless tech.
  • Create and format web pages using HTML5 and CSS3. Master basic SQL commands for database management and data analysis.
  • Understand security management and create scripts to interact with users and process security events.

Compétences que vous acquerrez

  • Catégorie : Basics of Databases (SQL/NoSQL)Basics of Databases (SQL/NoSQL)
  • Catégorie : Linux/Unix System AdministrationLinux/Unix System Administration
  • Catégorie : Computer NetworkComputer Network
  • Catégorie : TroubleshootingTroubleshooting
  • Catégorie : Debugging techniquesDebugging techniques

70 800 CFA
70800.0 XOF 70 800 CFA
60 000 CFA
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